A summer on the balcony by Ray Litsala

One warm summer day, filmmaker,graphic designer and photographer Ray Litsala spent his lunch break with model and friend Suzannah from Rotterdam and created this beautiful analog series in the heat of the big city. We christened it „a summer on the balcony“.

Photographer: Ray Litsala @ray.litsala
Model: Suzannah @suzannahyumi

Over time, people made me realize my balcony is a must-see to chill in Paris. A view over our desires and our ambitions. Look far away, there is the sea! Look far away, there is your future! A summer mood at home.
I froze it on Kodak film to make it timeless. My friend Suzannah came from Rotterdam, passing by Paris.
Despite a busy weekend she made time to visit me and catch-up on lost time. A short break in a crazy race, which seemed eternal.

Ray Litsala

Photos © Ray Litsala (www.raylitsala.com)