The girl you want by Peter Seyna

A light summer breeze makes Martha’s hair blow in the wind. Together with his team, photographer Peter Seyna traveled to the sea and let the summer atmosphere inspire this vintage series with an analog feel. He christened the series „The girl you want“, which we are proud to show you today on FLAKEMAG.

Photographer: Peter Seyna @peterseyna
Stylist: Caroline Minklejn @minlejn_caroline
Model: Martha Szymaniak @szymaniaak
Agency: Selective Management @selectivemgmt

The sea breeze takes our souls. She drifts into the day’s rhythm, Time, like sand on the windy beach, slips by. There are few places in Europe where summer is endless so We want to sustain that element of a free spirit and a little bit of magic. A piece of wildness and femininity in the same person, beauty and delicate moments; A mind free from structure, an obscured wilderness released standing in front of my lens.

Peter Seyna

Photos © Peter Seyna (