Lost in tide by Filippo Maffei

The most beautiful of all refreshments, the jump into the cold water after a warm summer day on the coast of Italy, before the sun disappears behind the coastal edge and ends the day with a warm salty summer air. Italian photographer Filippo Maffei has captured exactly this mood in his powerful black and white photos, which we are happy to share with you here today. Together with the two models Sara and Anita, he spent a summer evening in the south of Livorno, Tuscany and brought us these beautiful photographs. These pictures are part of a free work about the connection of people to water. In the long term, these images will be made into a stand-alone coffee table book by the Italien photographer.

Photographer: Filippo Maffei @filippomaffei
Models: Anita @iamanitacerri and Sara @sara_giacobone

Photos © Filippo Maffei (www.filippomaffei.it)